The Do’s and Don’ts of Matching Countertops to Backsplash

May 18, 2022 | House

Are you in the market for a kitchen remodel? If you’re anything like us, it’s the final touches that can be the most difficult to nail down—and pairing kitchen countertops with a complementary backsplash can be quite the challenge

Fortunately, we have a few tips to skip the confusion and get down to brass tacks. Read on to discover our do’s and don’ts for kitchen countertop and backsplash matching.

Do’s and Don’ts #1: Backsplashes Are Good

The first thing to consider is that having a kitchen backsplash is good. Not only can they be the final aesthetic adornment to your home or kitchen, but they also satisfy a number of pragmatic concerns. For example, backsplashes are perfect for protecting your walls from splatter, providing an easier cleanup, and keeping insects or rodents away. 

Do’s and Don’ts #2: Follow the Color Palette

Everything begins and ends with the motif or color palette in a remodel. Matching backsplash colors to countertops or countertops to backsplash colors is no different. You want your countertops and backsplash to complement and create cohesion throughout the kitchen’s style. 

However, this principle does not exclude contrasting colors that work together. This might be a playful way to highlight certain elements in your kitchen. 

Do’s and Don’ts #3: Match the Materials

As mentioned above, spills and splatters will happen in the kitchen—it’s a kitchen. When picking backsplashes, you want to consider aesthetics and function. Choose a backsplash with materials that will match the countertop. 

Some examples may include: 

  • Wooden countertops with a beige backsplash tile
  • Neutral-colored countertops with a gray backsplash tile
  • Granite countertops with a brown backsplash tile

Do’s and Don’ts #4: Consider Orientations

Whether it’s tile, hardwood, or something else, the shape and orientation of your backsplash can either diminish or emphasize the style of your countertop. 

When the tile backsplash is vertical, it emphasizes the ceiling’s height, and when it’s in a herringbone pattern, the angle creates an obscure draw for the eye. There are a number of suitable options, and you should feel the freedom to be flexible. 

Do’s and Don’ts #5: Final Words

The most important thing to remember is not to fret. Here are a few more minor things to consider before moving forward: 

  • Remember your grout colors
  • Don’t overwhelm yourself with options
  • Pick design trends that last
  • Stick to your budget
  • Consider hiring a professional

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