Avoid These Common Remodeling Mistakes in the Bathroom

Jun 15, 2022 | Building, Construction, House

The bathroom can become a centerpiece or an Achilles heal to any home. Bathroom remodeling mistakes come in a variety of shapes and sizes—but the worst mistake might be doing nothing at all.

A bathroom should have two functions: Aesthetics and pragmatics. It should serve your needs and leave your guests in a daze. Read on to learn our top mistakes to avoid on your next remodel.

Common Remodeling Mistake #1: No Plan

Planning can make or break any remodeling objective. No two bathrooms are made the same, and decisions you’ll need to make for your powder room will differ from someone else’s. If you dream big but plan small, it’s doubtful that your remodel will translate into clear and actionable steps, leading to additional costs, time, and stress. 

Common Remodeling Mistake #2: Wasted Space

The worst bathroom designs are the ones that fail to coordinate design and function with the space provided. This could result in building code violations, functional nightmares, and practical headaches (like putting the toilet paper roll on the wrong side of the room).

You want to keep in mind the proper spacing and layout when breaking down walls, relocating plumbing, and adding new furniture or countertops. This will help you to avoid clutter in the long run and use the space as it was intended in the first place.

Common Remodeling Mistake #3: Storage

You can never have too much storage space. Yes, the more storage, the more stuff––but the less storage, the less space to fit all the things you have. In our experience, homeowners rave over ample storage, and this feature has become dearer and dearer to them over the years. 

Where will you store your toiletries, toothbrushes, extra toilet paper, soap, candles, and on and on? Forgetting about this step may leave you wanting to pull your hair out. 

Common Remodeling Mistake #4: Futureproofing

This word is not in our common parlance, but it should be in every remodeler’s vocabulary. Some of the worst bathroom designs are those that ignore safety and functionality and forget to incorporate things like non-slip surfaces, flat walk-in showers, grab handles, and other important future design needs.

While you want your bathroom to woo your guests, you also want it to be accessible to all who might use it—young and old, large and small. If you intend for your remodel to be a one-time thing, you’ll also want to consider this step for you as you age, especially if you have or desire children of your own. 

Common Remodeling Mistake #4: Lighting

Sadly, this remodeling fixture can be easily “hidden.” In other words, no one wants to conduct business in a dark and dingy bathroom––choose warm temperature lighting and consider additional windows where it makes sense. These improvements should increase comfort, delight, and appeal when hosting your closest friends and family. 

Common Remodeling Mistake #5: Doing It Yourself

We don’t mean to say that you can’t do the project yourself. If you can, you should. However, if you’re anything like the everyday homeowner, a remodeling venture can get a bit riskier than a simple DIY project. 

Consulting the professionals will ensure that you get the right answers for things like size, planning, futureproofing, experience, better design concepts, and material alternatives to save you money on longer-lasting quality. 

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