5 Benefits of Working with Bad Lizard

Jun 17, 2020 | Premier Countertop Installation and Fabrication

At Bad Lizard, we know that selecting a countertop can be complicated and confusing. Not only is it an investment, but a countertop also helps identify and express your home. We believe it is crucial to put in the extra time to find a perfect countertop fabricator that will match your needs and wants. 

That is why our team at Bad Lizard would like to share some of our core values with you and why we believe we are a good fit for your next countertop fabrication and installation. 


At Bad Lizard, we want to provide our customers with the largest selection of stone slabs to choose from. That’s why we’re happy to say that we have the largest indoor selection of natural stone slabs in West Virginia. Due to our large selection, we are confident that we have options for each customer.

At Bad Lizard, we offer numerous colors to choose from. Additionally,  since we have an indoor showroom, the slabs are protected from UV rays, so there is no need to worry about too much sun exposure the slab may face. 


Our team includes highly skilled craftsmen in all aspects of our work. We hope that you will recognize this when visiting our facility. We strive to provide exceptional service. Our CNC equipment is American-designed and state-of-the-art. We ensure that your custom countertops will be handled with the utmost precision. This is a promise we keep, thanks to our ultra high definition slab photography and our CNC routers equipped with the latest diamond tooling. 

Prior to us even cutting your countertops, our team will provide custom measurements, so you won’t have to worry about basic template sizing, especially if you require a specific size that may not fit a template. 

Additionally, we are happy to say that we are able to work with contractors. This means that we can install the countertops while the rest of your kitchen or home is being built or remodeled.


At Bad Lizard, we offer a remnants section. Remnants are smaller pieces of leftover slabs that aren’t large enough to create full-size kitchen projects. Remnants can be used for smaller projects like:

  • Bathroom countertops
  • Mantles
  • Window sill
  • Table tops
  • Hearths
  • & more

Remnants are competitively priced. Sometimes, our special remnant pricing will include extras such as sinks and backsplash/side splash pieces with no extra charge. This is an affordable way to use granite, quartz, or marble somewhere else besides the kitchen. Our remnants are also very durable compared to laminate or pre-fabricated stone tops. 


Instead of watching our competition and trying to replicate their process, we like to think we lead the way. We try to set a professional example for those in our business to try and imitate our process. We have our fabricators and installers take periodic training courses to make sure they stay up-to-date. These courses include new techniques and new tooling so that they can add to their skill set. 

At Bad Lizard, we understand that your home is precious to you. We like to treat every customer’s home like it is our own. Know that when we visit your home for a consultation, construction, templating, or installation, we will treat your home with respect. You do not have to worry about the mess we will create while working in your home. Our team will do a thorough cleaning of your floors, appliances, and cabinets once they are finished. Our employees will handle every task as a professional and we want our customers to remember that. 


When you visit us, you and your Bad Lizard consultant will be allowed to navigate our facility safely. Viewing slabs in-person is a great opportunity to learn what you love. It is always better to view slabs in person than through a computer. This way, you can grasp the color and pattern in the slab. 

As mentioned, our inventory is located inside, so our customers can visit us rain or shine. 

We hope that you will choose to use Bad Lizard Granite & Quartz in your future home projects or remodels. We want our customers to make the best decision possible, and that is why we are ready and eager to help. 

If you have any questions regarding our slabs, countertop materials, remnants, or more, please call us at 304-472-6483.