Workstation Sinks or Undermount Sinks: Which Option is Better for a Kitchen?

Jan 25, 2022 | House, Workstation Sinks

Are you in the middle of a kitchen remodel? The color palette, backsplash, even the island has been taken care of––but what about the kitchen sink? Choosing between workstation sinks or undermount sinks is significant when renovating a kitchen. Like anything, it comes with several pros and cons. However, we’re here to help make your decision easier. Read on to discover which option is best for you.


Do you have limited counter space? No problem. Workstation sinks are all about maximizing space and minimizing movement. This type of sink incorporates custom accessories to convert the sink area from a singular place for dishes to a versatile workspace, ranging from food preparation to clean-up and drying.

Workstation accessories commonly include cutting boards, colanders, drying racks, roll-up drying racks, bottom grids, and drains. Best of all, customizations don’t take up ANY additional countertop space. We know, we know––it’s a dream come true! 

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Undermount sinks sound like what they are––a sink under the counter. The advantage of this design is an edge of the sink that sits below the countertop level, allowing for an easy clean-up and minimal water spillage. 

Undermount sinks are currently a hot kitchen item, loved for their smooth finish and the way they complement a variety of countertops. Of the three types of undermount installs, we only do Negative Reveal for functional purposes.


Some advantages of choosing a workstation sink for your kitchen include:

A Spacious Workspace

Kitchen space is a commodity. Don’t you remember your first apartment? In smaller kitchens or one without much counter space––maximizing available space is a necessity. It’s beneficial if you like to cook, making prep work a breeze. Workstation sinks are efficient, functional, and well designed. 

A Sanitary Kitchen

Chicken, beef, eggs, and more. You do a lot in the kitchen that wouldn’t be considered “sanitary.” With a workstation sink, you can organize the sink to separate food from other tasks and risk cross-contamination.

Easy Clean-Up

Your guests just left after a lovely dinner party. You look into the kitchen. Oh, no. With workstations, you don’t have to worry. Everything is done over the sink and disposed of in one, simple clean-up with each accessory. 


Some advantages of choosing an undermount sink for your kitchen include:

It’s Aesthetically Seamless

Seamless is in––no protruding edges, no lips, just countertop. Additionally, without sink edges, food particles and debris can’t hide.

Easy Clean-Up

As mentioned above, there’s no opportunity for food debris or food particles to get trapped. Clean-up is as fast as a sweep or wipe-down of the countertop.

More Counter Space

Undermount sinks give you what you want: more counter space. Installed under the countertop, you’ll save almost half of a square foot of counter space to use for other things. 


At this point, you might be saying to yourself, “Both sinks seem right for me.” It might be helpful to point out potential disadvantages to each sink to help clarify your position. 

Workstation Sinks

Two important things to consider when getting a workstation sink is the look and the cost. Everything from prep, serving and dish cleaning to dish drying is practical, but is it aesthetic? The other thing to consider is the cost of the sink and its various accessories. 

Undermount Sinks

These sinks are typically more expensive than others, and a professional installation is recommended. The risk with any undermount sink is the potential threat of water getting trapped between the sink and the counter, if not perfectly sealed. 


Both have their advantages when it comes to these two kitchen sink options. But, ultimately, it’s up to you, your lifestyle, and your preference.


You’ve done the research. You’ve picked the samples. You’re ready to implement your kitchen renovation ideas––but you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed to do it alone. Don’t worry. 

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