The Best Ways to Clean and Care for Granite Countertops

Apr 19, 2022 | House, Premier Countertop Installation and Fabrication

While remodeling gets all the glory, cleaning preserves the crown. Granite is a robust stone that can handle itself against the presence of heat and daily scratching. And with the proper care, it’s built to last. Read on to learn about our best practices when caring for your granite countertops. 


We’ve spoken about this before, but it’s so important that we want to mention it again. Countertops are an essential element of your kitchen design and functionality. You make sandwiches there. You bake there. You entertain there. 

After years of wear and tear, the once glorious shine of those countertops will start to fade. Even worse, a weak seal could cause leaks and spills to ruin the stone. But do not despair –– you can reseal your countertops, and we can help. We are the premier countertop supplier and installer in West Virginia. Our team can professionally reseal your countertops with commercial-grade sealant and have them look shiny again in no time.


Stop using rough materials and harsh cleaners to scrub your countertops. This works out the shine rather than preserving it. Regular use of acidic cleaners can ruin the sealant and cause more frustration. Warm water with soap, some pressure, and a microfiber cloth will go a long way. If you want a more robust disinfectant option, combine distilled water and alcohol in a 50/50 mixture. Spray on the countertop, let it sit for five minutes, and then dry until clean.


We know you’ve heard it before –– use a coaster. It seems simple, right? Too simple to remember? It could be the difference between durable granite and granite that parts off too early. 

With protective materials like a coaster, you can effectively protect your surface and save it from potential scratches. It’s easy, efficient, and protects the quality of your hard-earned granite. 


Granite countertops are primarily stain-resistant compared to other materials. At the same time, you shouldn’t leave spills. It’s hard to imagine leaving something that could potentially stain, especially when it comes to fluids like wine, sauces, sodas, and juices. These spills may result in visible and ungainly stains if not dealt with properly.


Granite countertops are durable. They’re difficult to scratch and hard to chip. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. The best way to prevent chipping is to avoid the problem altogether.

Granite can chip with large items banging into it or being heavily placed upon its surface. It’s incumbent upon any homeowner to be careful when handling heavy pots, pans, and small appliances in the kitchen. 

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You completed a kitchen and bathroom remodel five to ten years ago. With some of the sheen gone, you’ve grown a little concerned about the vitality of your countertops. Don’t worry.

Our Bad Lizard Granite & Quartz team is here to help make your dream a reality. We can help you fix dull granite countertops or walk you through the steps to replace them if necessary. Call us at 304-472-6483 or contact us online if you have any questions.