beautiful granite and quartz countertops

Granite and Quartz Countertops vs. Laminate: Which is the Best Choice for Your Home?

While laminate countertops are popular, are they really the best material for your home? Before making your choice, we’ve outlined some of the most important things to consider when deciding between granite and quartz countertops over laminate ones. WHAT ARE LAMINATE COUNTERTOPS? Laminate countertops typically consist of plastic fused with kraft paper or particleboard. Laminate […]

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Using Granite Outside of the Kitchen

You are probably familiar with granite countertops. Granite is a robust material available in numerous colors and textures. These qualities make it a popular option for countertops, for example. While you may automatically associate this stone with the kitchen, there are many ways to use it throughout other areas of your home too. Read on […]

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