When it comes to kitchen design, choosing the best countertops for your space and the right contractor for the installation process is a big decision. But before you get too overwhelmed, let the professionals at Bad Lizard Granite & Quartz help you! Read on to learn more about us and West Virginia’s largest indoor countertop slab selection.


Established in 2014 and located in Clarksburg, West Virginia, Bad Lizard is your local source for premium granite and quartz for your new home or remodeling project. We specialize in custom countertop fabrication and installing natural and engineered stone surfaces for kitchens, baths, fireplaces and more. When you choose our team for your stone surface needs, we want you to know that we take that choice seriously. We care for each project as if it were for our own home, and we continually strive to be the best at what we do. You can learn more about our owners, Johnnie H. Rominger and Trevor J. Flanagan, and the rest of the passionate members that make up the Bad Lizard team here

The three foundational pillars of Bad Lizard are quality, selection and professionalism. Our strict adherence to these qualities sets us apart from the competition and can help you feel confident to choose us for all of your countertop needs. Want to learn more about us? Check out our blog, Welcome to Bad Lizard, West Virginia’s Countertop Supplier and Installer.


What better way to decide which slab is your favorite than seeing it in person? You don’t have to worry about receiving small samples and choosing your favorite countertop from them at Bad Lizard. Instead, we provide our customers with a large, indoor countertop slab selection for their next project. And we’re happy to say that we have the largest indoor selection of natural stone slabs in West Virginia! Due to our extensive selection, we are confident that we have enough options for every customer that walks through our doors. 

Additionally, our indoor showroom protects our slabs from UV rays, so there is no need to worry about them receiving too much sun exposure. Our indoor showroom also makes it easy for countertop shopping no matter the weather. Rain or shine, cold temperatures and even snow, you can still shop in our gallery comfortably!

When you come to visit us, you and your Bad Lizard consultant will be allowed to navigate our facility safely. Viewing slabs in person is an excellent opportunity to learn more about what you love. It is always better to view slabs in person than through a computer or small samples. This way, you can grasp the color and pattern throughout the slab, which is sometimes difficult to determine when viewing a small sample.


While Bad Lizard is known and trusted as our customers’ local source for premium granite and quartz for their new home and remodel projects, it does not stop there! When it comes to natural stones like granite and marble, no two slabs are identical. Instead, every piece is unique in its nature and appearance. 

When we purchase our slabs, we receive them in bundles. When we run out of the stone that comprises that bundle, we are often left with smaller pieces that are not large enough to do full-size kitchen projects. However, when we order the next bundle of that same material, the differences are noticeable enough where we are unable to mix and match the stone from the previous bundle. Therefore, we call these leftover stones remnants, which you can view in person at our indoor remnant gallery. Learn more about remnants here.


When selecting your kitchen countertops, make the decision simple and see our full-sized slabs on display in person! There will be no wondering or second-guessing about the complete pattern or veining of the slab.

Also, keep an eye out for our Slab of the Week on our Facebook page. Each week, we share a beautiful, new slab that is sure to give you some countertop inspiration!  

If you are interested in looking at samples and need help finding the perfect countertop for you, please call us at 304-472-6483, and we would be happy to give you a personal tour through our facility. However, to provide quality assistance to our clients and eliminate wait times, please remember that all clients must schedule an appointment before visiting our facility.