You are probably familiar with granite countertops. Granite is a robust material available in numerous colors and textures. These qualities make it a popular option for countertops, for example. While you may automatically associate this stone with the kitchen, there are many ways to use it throughout other areas of your home too. Read on to learn more.


Homeowners have used granite countertops in their kitchens for years. And today, it remains a preferred choice for homeowners and homebuyers alike. According to a 2019 report from the National Home Builders Association (NAHB), 58 percent of homebuyers desired granite or natural stone countertops in their kitchens. 

Natural stones, like granite, are known for their strength, durability and wide variety of colors and textures. This material comes in hundreds of colors. Each slab is unique, providing a one-of-kind look to your countertops. It is also stain-resistant, heat-resistant and scratch-resistant. If you would like to learn more about if granite is the right pick for you and your home, check out our blog, What Type of Countertop Suits Your Home? 


Besides using granite in the kitchen (which is a great option), there are some additional ways you can incorporate this beautiful and low-maintenance material throughout your home. Check out some of our favorite ideas below:


Granite is a popular choice for bathroom countertops and makeup vanities because of its natural beauty, robustness and water-resistant properties. Even though this stone is porous, it can last for decades if it is sealed and cared for properly. If you would like to learn about maintaining your countertops, check out our blog, My Countertops Look Dull. What Should I Do?

Laundry Room 

If you have not thought about putting granite countertops in your laundry room, you should! This stone is scratch and stain-resistant. Therefore, it can hold up to the wear and tear often received in this space. Also, who would not enjoy folding the clothes on their stunning granite countertops? Who knows, it may just help make this chore a little less dreaded!


If your fireplace is starting to look a bit drab, try sprucing it up with granite. This stone’s unique colors and textures can help give your outdated fireplace that desired “wow factor,” for instance. Furthermore, it is heat-resistant, so no need to worry about it getting damaged from moderate temperatures. 


Whether it be a dining table, coffee table or end table, granite is an excellent choice for any tabletop you have that needs a bit of a refresh. Remember, this stone is quite durable and stain and scratch-resistant. These low-maintenance qualities mean that you do not have to worry about things that are bound to happen, like beverage rings or spills and scratches from the kids’ toys. 

Outdoor Kitchens

Granite is also durable enough for use outside. Because of this, it is the perfect option for that outdoor kitchen you have found yourself daydreaming about entertaining in. Moreover, granite is more stylish in appearance than concrete, which is used traditionally for outdoor countertops and islands.


If you are looking for unique stone pieces for smaller projects, check out the indoor remnant department here at Bad Lizard. Remnants are leftover, smaller pieces of stone that are not large enough to do full-size designs. However, remnants are perfect for the smaller projects listed above, like bathroom countertops, makeup vanities, tabletops and fireplaces. Our remnant pricing is very competitive, and it allows the customer to bypass the minimum square footage requirements that our competitors and box stores often have. 


No matter where you decide to use it, granite is a versatile choice for almost any area in your home that will last well into the future. If you have any questions about using granite in your kitchen or outside of it, contact our countertop specialists at Bad Lizard Granite & Quartz at 304-472-6483 or Our team takes pride in helping our customers find the stone option that best fits their wants, needs and budget. 

To provide quality assistance to our clients and eliminate wait times, we ask that you keep in mind that all clients must schedule an appointment before visiting our facility.