One option that we offer here at Bad Lizard Granite & Quartz that you may not know about is the “carry-out.” Our carry-out option is a perfect choice for the handymen and women who may need a remnant for a smaller project but can install the piece themselves. Read on to learn more about the carry-out process and how our team helped a Bad Lizard customer with one such project.


When we purchase our stones, we receive them in bundles. Bundles can range from six to 20 slabs consecutively cut from the same block of stone. However, when we run out of these slabs, we are often left with smaller pieces. These smaller pieces are not large enough to do full-size kitchen projects. Keep in mind that no two stone slabs are identical. Therefore, when we order the next bundle of that same material, the differences are noticeable enough that we cannot mix and match the stone. Hence, we call these leftover stones remnants. To learn more about remnants, check out our blog, Remnants 101


The carry-out process at Bad Lizard is a simple and convenient option for any small project where you wish to add granite, quartz or marble to enhance your home, as long as you can install the piece yourself. To get started, call us at 304-GRANITE. We will discuss some rough measurements and your desired color palette. After that, we will email you pricing options and pictures of the remnants we have available that work with your color palette and sizing. 

If you wish to move forward, we will schedule an appointment. This way, you can come down and view the actual remnant. To complete the transaction, you place a deposit. Once the dimensions for your project are verified and finalized on a drawing layout, you sign off on the project. 

“We set up an appointment to see what the remnant choices were. Then, we one that we liked and purchased it. Next, we provided Bad Lizard with a drawing of the size we needed with the location for the sink cutout. We were also able to purchase a sink basin they had for sale and provided for us,” said one carry-out customer, Jay Ambrusico, who was referred to Bad Lizard by a family member.

It is now time for the production phase. Our American-designed CNC equipment is state of the art, and your piece is designed directly from your drawing layout. When your carry-out project is complete (generally within two weeks), our team contacts you and schedules an appointment for you to come and pick it up. Once you arrive, you can inspect your order. Then, you pay the balance for the piece and we’ll help load it into your vehicle. 

Once the slab is loaded into your vehicle, you take the remnant home to install it yourself. The carry-out process here at Bad Lizard is as hassle-free as that! 

“The entire process was easy and manageable. Bad Lizard cut the piece to the perfect size and dimensions, the edging was rounded as we had asked, and the sink cutout was in the proper location per our specifications. The sink was already mounted for us, and we also received under the counter sink supports to install the countertop properly,” Jay stated.

At Bad Lizard, our motto is, “You wish it; we granite!” When you choose us for your stone surface needs, we take that seriously. We have a positive reputation from our many clients who are proud to say we took care of their countertop needs.

“I would absolutely choose Bad Lizard for another carry-out countertop project and recommend them to others. It was an easy and pleasurable experience. The sales staff is great to work with and extremely helpful. The product was exactly what we had wanted and requested; it was cut and sized perfectly,” shared Jay. 


Are you ready to get started on your carry-out project? Let our team at Bad Lizard Granite & Quartz be your guide! If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please call us at 304-472-6483 or email us at

To provide quality assistance to our clients and eliminate wait times, please keep in mind that all clients must schedule an appointment before visiting our facility.