If you plan on remodeling or flipping a house, you should consider the impact that any upgrades will have on your home’s value. Home upgrades can make the space more enjoyable while you reside there and add future value too. Just keep in mind that while some improvements can add significantly to your home value, others offer no return on investment (ROI). So which upgrades should you choose? Read on to learn more about five upgrades that can add value to your home. 


Wait! Before you start tearing down walls, put down your sledgehammer for a moment. First, you need to make a plan detailing the home upgrades you want to make. Think about which home upgrades are must-haves. Next, consider potential costs. The budget should include the cost of building materials, labor, building permits and decorating finishes. Knowing what you can and cannot afford will make it easier to figure out what you want to upgrade and where you need to get creative. Once you have your plan in place, HGTV suggests speaking with a local real estate agent to see what sort of ROI the upgrades will bring. If you would like to learn some more tips, check out our blog, Five Tips for a Smooth Renovation


The kitchen is the heart of the home. It is a space where you eat, gather and entertain. Naturally, your kitchen will experience wear and tear over time. If you want to sell soon, the key to upgrading your kitchen is to keep costs down and avoid total overhauls. Homelight suggests thinking with function in mind rather than luxury. 

According to Remodeling magazine, you can complete a minor kitchen remodel and recoup approximately 77.6 percent of what you spend. For a minor kitchen remodel, consider the following upgrades

  • Reface cabinets
  • Incorporate new hardware
  • Replace oven range and refrigerator with energy-efficient models
  • Replace laminate countertops (consider a neutral-colored option that is versatile) 
  • Install a mid-priced sink and faucet
  • Add resilient flooring
  • Paint walls, trim and ceiling

If your kitchen countertops are in poor condition, let our team at Bad Lizard Granite & Quartz help you choose the right option for your space. We specialize in the custom countertop fabrication and installation of natural and engineered stone surfaces for your new home or remodeling project. Mike Spiroff’s story is a perfect example. If you would like to learn more about his countertop experience, check out our blog, Mike Spiroff: Finding Countertops for a Home You Are Selling

We also offer functional workstation sinks. Workstation sinks help you to maximize space and minimize movement in the kitchen. They incorporate custom accessories that allow you to convert the sink area into a versatile workspace (ranging from food preparation to clean-up and drying). If you would like to learn more about workstation sinks, check out our blog, Meet Your New Best Friend in the Kitchen: Workstation Sinks. 


Curb appeal matters. The exterior of your home is the first thing people see when they visit or view a listing online. According to Homelight, over 94 percent of real estate agents believe that curb appeal will boost value.

How do you add curb appeal to your home? Consider landscaping for starters. You should plant flowers, prune overgrown shrubs, mow the lawn, add fresh mulch and incorporate decorative features, such as a fountain or walkway.

Some additional exterior upgrades to consider that boost curb appeal and can add value include: 

  • Add a new garage door 
  • Add stone veneer to the outside of the home
  • Touch up exterior paint 
  • Replace the entryway door


Remodeled bathrooms can make you feel happier while you live in your home and can make a big impression on potential buyers. If you are looking to sell soon, the goal of a bathroom remodel is to keep costs down and avoid total overhauls. 

According to Remodeling magazine, you can complete a mid-range bathroom remodel and recoup around 64 percent of what you spend. For a mid-range bathroom remodel, consider the following upgrades

  • Replace standard fixtures
  • Upgrade the tub and shower 
  • Replace the toilet
  • Incorporate ceramic tile floors 
  • Replace laminate countertops 

If you are looking for unique stone pieces for smaller projects, check out our indoor remnant department. Remnants are leftover, smaller pieces of stone that are not large enough to do full-size designs. However, remnants are perfect for smaller projects like bathroom countertops! Our remnant pricing is very competitive and allows the customer to bypass the minimum square footage requirements that our competitors and box stores often have. 

If you are in the market for a new shower surround, Venetian Marble shower surrounds provide a “wow-factor” to help your bathroom feel and look luxurious. These shower panels are manufactured equivalently to a Quartz countertop process, except this material’s primary genetic makeup is chipped marble. If you would like to learn more about Venetian Marble, check out our blog, Elevate Your Bathroom with Bad Lizard Granite & Quartz.


If the flooring in your home is looking worn, you may want to think about replacing it before selling your house. According to the National Realtors Association (NAR) Remodeling Impact Report, refinishing hardwood floors recoups 100 percent of costs. New wood flooring? Well, that recoups 106 percent of costs. 


Maybe an orange-colored room sounds exciting to you, but be aware those brightly painted walls may detract potential buyers! A Zillow analysis of more than 32,000 photos found that specific colors either detracted or boosted the sale of residential homes. 

Which paint colors should you choose to add value to your home? Here are the colors that Zillow’s 2018 paint color analysis suggested to incorporate to add potential value: 

  • Light blue bathroom: $2,786
  • Tuxedo kitchen cabinets (white upper cabinets and black or dark navy lower cabinets): $1,547
  • Light taupe living room: $2,973
  • Black front door: $6,271

What were the colors that detracted potential sales? Zillow found that yellow exteriors and brick or raspberry red kitchens both hurt the selling price. So if selling is your goal, you may want to consider avoiding those colors. 


While it is fun to learn about some different home upgrade options, the decisions you make ultimately come down to what will work best for your home. And if you feel a bit overwhelmed, our team at Bad Lizard Granite & Quartz is here to help you make the best decision possible. 

While we do not build out full kitchens or bathrooms, we work with contractors. This means that we can install countertops while the rest of your kitchen, bath or home is being built or remodeled. 

If you have any questions regarding our slabs, countertop materials, remnants, workstation sinks, Venetian Marble shower surrounds or more, please call us at 304-472-6483 or contact us online. To provide quality assistance to our clients and eliminate wait times, all clients must schedule an appointment before visiting our facility. 

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