Have you ever undergone a new countertop installation experience? A large part of your outcome becomes determined by the quality of the contractor hired for the project. Bad Lizard Granite and Quartz has a positive reputation from many clients who are proud to say we took care of their countertop needs – the Sabatelli’s are a great example.

Continue below to learn about Becky Sabatelli and her husband’s kitchen countertop installation experience with the Bad Lizard team. 


Becky Sabatelli is an Assistant Principal at Mountaineer Middle School. 

“We live out here on a farm. I have 12 grandchildren. It’s the kitchen that’s the main room,” Sabatelli continues, “We built this house 34 years ago. And it was time to renovate, so we went to Bad Lizard, and we couldn’t be happier.”


Becky and her husband decided that it was time to remodel and make their kitchen look better. The Bad Lizard team was happy to help the Sabatelli’s with their kitchen remodel. 

“Bad Lizard is a wonderful place to go and visit to look around. The guys are very understanding, very helpful, very patient, and they have a nice, clean office which tells you a lot,” said Sabatelli. 

At Bad Lizard, we take your natural stone surface needs very seriously and utilize our three foundational pillars to each project: Quality, Selection and Professionalism. 

Robbie Shaw, Bad Lizard’s Sales Manager, took Becky to our stone slab gallery and explained each one individually to make sure she chose the best one for her kitchen goals. 

In response to her time with Robbie, Sabatelli said, “He was very professional, and if he weren’t in, he’d called me back, and it was very convenient. He was just there anytime I’d ask him to be.

The cabinets are the original cabinets. And I was concerned about how they were going to put this countertop on and make everything look good.”

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are second-to-none. We take pride in being customer-focused and ensure your experience encompasses respect and professionalism from the Bad Lizard team.

Trevor Flanagan, co-owner of Bad Lizard, said, “Normally, people would think that I have to replace my cabinets to put new countertops on. We have the construction abilities to prep their cabinets.

They can use their own cabinets and put our new surfaces on top. A lot of companies don’t have that service.” 

Bad Lizard only employs highly skilled artisans in all aspects of our work.

“And it was just amazing how they came in, took them out, and did what they needed to do. I told them I wanted a farmer’s sink. He said well that was not a problem,” said Sabatelli. 

Johnnie Rominger, co-owner of Bad Lizard, said, “With the retrofit farm sinks that we sell, we can go in remove your existing countertops without you having to go through the expense of buying all new cabinets for your kitchen. Let alone, trying to match up a new sink cabinet just so you can have a farm sink.” 

“Once I went over to Bad Lizard, I could see the difference in some of the countertops and how the edging was. I found one I really liked, and I said, ‘that’s what I want.'”

“Quality is in the details,” Rominger continues, “For example, outside corners – we always like to do nice radiuses on those. Stop routes – where a profiled edge will actually turn to a flat edge before it hits a wall, it just looks better. 

You might have a party where someone is sitting on the overhang. We don’t want to take a chance at something breaking someone and someone getting hurt. So, we will provide you the right bracing to make sure that overhang will last you the rest of your life.”

By hosting West Virginia’s largest indoor selection of natural stone slabs, we provide the most significant collection of stone slabs so that every customer has plenty of options to choose from to meet their countertop goals. 


“Everything just fell together,” said Sabatelli, “Bad Lizard helped that by guiding me in the right direction on a countertop and things that I need before they were able to put it in.”

Becky Sabatelli

It makes the Bad Lizard team happy to know when we meet all of our client’s expectations when we complete a project. Our team treats each project as if it were for our own homes, so there’s that added personal touch of quality we implement into our work.

“I am very happy with the way my kitchen looks. Very, very pleased with the outcome,” said Sabatelli.

It means so much to our team when we build positive word-of-mouth recommendations from happy clients.

“I would recommend Bad Lizard to anyone I talk to. I’m very pleased with their work, their professionalism, and how they will work with me and get the job done right,” said Sabatelli.


We want you to know that you can confidently choose Bad Lizard for your natural stone countertop needs. Bad Lizard proudly serves the North Central West Virginia area with countertops, kitchens, bathrooms, fireplaces, custom creations and much more. 

Are you ready to start a project? Give us a call today; we’d love to chat: 304-472-6483