Bad Lizard takes pride in community efforts and being up-to-date with the latest and greatest stone installation and fabrication designs, techniques and methods for their clients.

What better way to get that message out there than to attend a home show? 


Bad Lizard Granite & Quartz will attend the Home Builders Association of Mid-Ohio Valley Home Show on February 21-23. This event will take place in Parkersburg, West Virginia. 

Bad Lizard office located in Clarksburg, WV
Bad Lizard office located in Clarksburg, WV

“Our team at Bad Lizard is excited to attend this home show,” said Johnnie Rominger, co-owner of Bad Lizard. “We want to share our knowledge of stone countertops with those who are seeking those services so that they can get the countertop they are looking for.”  

At a West Virginia Home Show, there are many fun opportunities for learning valuable new ideas. Home shows provide exhibitions, workshops, speakers and networking possibilities. 

“If you’re in the area and are curious about the countertops you can get for the budget and home you have, please stop by and let us know,” said Trevor Flanagan, co-owner of Bad Lizard.

Home Builders Association

The Home Builders Association hosts the event, but what exactly does that mean? The association ensures builders and construction organizations are the most reliable services in the housing industry. It also protects employees and places a significant emphasis on safety when working on construction projects. 

The organization is responsible for:

  • Protecting policies
  • Providing insight into consumer trends
  • Educating  and training members
  • Improving  the housing finance system 
  • Ensuring  safety
  • Controlling labor shortage
  • Developing flood insurance
  • Providing  public relations to media outlets

Joining a builder’s association helps you to be in close relation with people who share a similar background. It allows you to interface and expands knowledge on policies and improvements in this industry. 


Bad Lizard carries a well-deserving reputation of quality, selection and professionalism to all customers. Having the largest indoor stone gallery in the state of West Virginia, you can confidently choose us for your stone surface needs. 

We take each and every project seriously as if it were for our own home. That is why we actively partake in opportunities to grow individually and as a company – by participating in events like home shows.

Let’s talk about your next project. Contact us today: 304-GRANITE (304-472-6483)